Mysterious House, Maze of Wooden Surfaces - 2015

1. Intergalactic Wandering Squeakyguy
2. Live At The Slowed Down Custom Office Supply Warehouse
3. Consider This Album Covered In Mud
4. 100_phone
5. Snow Reflected Blue Door
6. Live Phtishow Garden Rehearsal
7. Stray Cheetah
8. Limestone Path
9. Good Pony Good Bunny
10. The Couches
11. Mysteriously Fast House
12. Concrete Grid With 2 Mile Moss Perimeter
13. Shrimp Pearlization
14. Dream Nail
15. Nearly Decomposable Lattice
16. Super Verbal Special - Mysterious Pipes And Drains

"Maze of Wooden Surfaces is a double album of meticulously-programmed audio spillage, an epic undertaking for the listener. Two discs, almost two hours of intense spiraling texture and timbre, punctuated by moments of clarity. Even in its harshest moments, beauty and intense attention to detail shine though."

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Mysterious House, Peter Seligman, Blipvert - edgePinkyoutub - 2014

3-way split album with Peter Seligman and Blipvert. We each made a track, and remixed the other's tracks, making 9 in total! "If I could have fun, I would play this record while having fun." Genre approximate friends area.

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Mysterious House - The Stairwell - 2013

1. contemporary annoying music
2. beyond wild speculation
3. slow car
4. Nbats
5. reptilian police triumph
6. ornamental dirt cones are emerging from the fog
7. snob appeal vs cool factor
8. crazy fish vs. ugly fish vs. disco fish vs. chinatown fish
9. look through a magic window droplet
10. living room

"The Stairwell" addresses the head, the guts, and the crotch. Even during passages of hyper-glitched digital abuse, the record exudes an absurd tenderness marking it as the product of a living human meant for human senses. Mysterious House employs an astounding creativity. Here, "the stairwell" is not something that goes up and down but something capable of transport in limitless directions." IBN

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enn{kdog - BAGS- 2013 Nest

1. Mysterious Pausing vs Saleswoman G Woman
2. Red Lens
3. Not real puddle of blood
4. Aristippus

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1. the mouth
2. AirMax corporate retreat sucks
3. evil sand - Silver Edition
4. some stone and a museum of steam2
5. people clothes room
6. not only an assesment tool, it’s also a way to create winners and losers
7. some computers
8. wish2
9. something
10. Super Foot Reverb Machine
11. You Too and Me Who?
12. pinks

Superthanks to David and Dan for turning this into a REAL boy!!!!!

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HOTEL M- 2009

01 - hotel M
02 - frosted door glass
03 - stray cams
04 - curl up by the fire this season
05 - W.C.B. Arizona homes
06 - qweXx
07 - pillowface(extra2)
08 - AMax - cactus room at sunset
09 - double taisen tree disguise 2
10 - polybag MFR
11 - queen of Radioshack
12 - plush

Some parts of this album are only as different as two trees of the same species. They are made up of the same materials and share the same basic structure, but from another assessment have nothing in common. Listen for debris in a supply depot that killed a senator and delicacy that describes the fanciest digital jewel in the futuristic collection of fancy princes. Please attend my wedding where everything that would normally be made out of cloth is made of red leather, and witness the boy priest's dictation to the Special Guest (international hot nanny). Sounds Like: audio version of crunched icicles. Thank you Shawn for distributing these drugs.

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1. high tech insects hate your Western civilization
2. tube dwellers unlubricated
3. pocket Hospitilla
4. kay
5. afterdinner - X bag 360
6. put it into you brain
7. plywood birthday balloon zone
8. kitty Meditation X
9. I made you I can destroy you
10. spray on dreams

With a cradle in one hand and a taser in the other, that is how Walrus Prison delivers her X-Mas gifts unto you. Leftover MP3 compression and faux-music are assaulted and haunted by blasts of sparkling noise. Saccharine zones of fun are inverted into ugly washes of hard sludge. Its like a strip mall where every other store is replaced with a fire that never goes out, or if the government replaced a puking dog with a birthday cake. In keeping with the tradition of James Amoeba recordings begun in 2001, this release was made using sound as a raw material for digital manipulation, exploring the infinite variety of noises that computers are capable of uncovering. Those sounds were then organized, atomized, and injected with freeze-dried Chinese folk instrumentals, Starcraft sound effects, and ominous atmospherics. Special thanks to Shawn for making this release happen and for making IYNGES a real one.

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1. The Way of the Sky
2. ate
3. I am a trash fire
4. cube patrol
5. fax illness (dex 55)
6. walk into this world
7. C.V.X
8. evil sand - Warp you mind
9. egyptomania gamelon 6
10. cloud kid guest lizard
11. this the darkest system


The noise on this album is sort of like a pine branch glazed with syrupy sugar that I sometimes beat you with, but then I run away. As Mike said, its like I give you a big birthday cake and then, just as you are about to blow out the candles, I shove your face into the cake. Take that, you! This album has more quick footed percussion than prevous efforts, and is something of a companion to INVISIBLE CHEMIST, though with a harsher edge and a quicker pace. $5



1. aqua nancY
2. circles of protein around clumps of algae in the hatching unit
3. home cactus
4. invisible chemist
5. aquaphresh 2thpastE
6. eqal fann - essence
7. ten thousand oily nights with the groovebox
8. Let's experience foam sensorex bags - together
9. hyper cotton
10. plastic plug in - this is how you meet the queen of the pearl ghosts
11. any any - the day we are replaced


A sprinkling of gold blurs the lines between music and chaos for this throwdown of smooth insanity and faux asian forests. Glossiness is well represented. Many of these tracks contain thematic regions of sound that shift and quake for a bit before snapping into a something else. Speed loud and pretty loud get together for lunch with silly songs. This album sometimes explodes at you. $5




1 bighouse2
2 trizs grass cube
3 nightcloud
4 bit slasher
5 sewer secret
6 colorsound unit
7 dragon lord of cyclotron system
8 window unto me alone
9 future inflatable eye dilator
10 kazzeseranaran
11 wavetone d
12 noted
13 junk hit
14 my shiny new kitten
15 iced morning
16 tiny glue scorpions
17 sharkbust bit8
18 sofa ins
19 secret trees
20 ghost from the white sun
21 the deepest sea
22 sahara

This second release archives the ideas of Allright in a tighter, more song oriented file cabinet. Extremes of speed are interlocked with more spacious valleys of descriptive sound shapes. Chunks of water, flowers, and metal are city planned out of reality. Each track is a more intensive study on one idea, varying briskly from delicate to snazzy harsh. I am putting the sounds of amoebae into alien shapes and spaces of the distant future. Each realease comes with a photocopied booklet of pumpkin fear. Thanks go to Nicole who helped this be hand silkscreemed, sewed and spraypainted into this existence. $6

Allright - 2004

1 L.I.V.E.R.
2 contract it
3 conversat
4 S U G
5 forest
6 naiwcolor
7 niwcolor
8 newcolor
9 city sunset
10 icy
11 crystal shapeshifter
12 interior fantasy crystal
13 ice elemental journey
14 everymolecule2
15 carosel
16 blood pod food blossom
17 breaking the atmosphere
18 g glasses solvent
19 athletic_insect
20 lava game lotus
21 baf
22 filthy summer
23 saturn highway
24 undrum
25 mix3on speck of stuff
26 macro krill volume 4
27 scab star
28 sunlight lunchtime
29 bird
30 d-rain
31 mystery channel
32 killer in the pine trees
33 paper bag XYZ
34 everyday
35 sir
36 snack on it
37 untitled fazx
38 unlock the sun
39 wave from the Y coordinate
40 violet heart of gold

The first release is a mega-bargain blowout of obliterated liquid pop songs and sharp speed oriented noise flowers covering about 2 years of my early history. Manipulated a million times over, this one holds far too special of a place in my heart. I finshed it in the summer of 2004, the filthy one adressed in track 22. Allright clocks in at just over an hour and 15 minutes. Some of the first songs i ever made get their chance to shine and dine. Kudos to Sasha - a master of rounding up materials until they become mobile listening units. CD comes with a mini psychedelic sticker dot. $4

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